Continuously shocked by how much thought people have put into this

For instance, wut. A lot of this only highly technical specialists can understand it seems

Makes sense why so much brainpower has been put into it though

They’re kinda just, chillin out there. John S. Lewis, one of the main experts I’ve found, has referred to some of them as “wild beasts” because they spin so fast and are difficult to land on. Who’d feel schadenfreude to see a chingchong spacecraft get rekt being the first to guinea pig one, couldn’t be me. A space race like this would accelerate exit technologies, that’s what I’m interested in. Yeah go get your shiny gold out there monkeys, whatever leads to quickening our escape… Plus, if you look at the budget for the international space station it’s sooo expensive to get even the lightest material up there. If we could somehow use an ARM-esque technology I mentioned yesterday we could eliminate that problem, wouldn’t have to rely on terrestrial building-materials, how quaint.

Anyone else reminded of the Qliphoth? the remains after Creation?

Just learned that “Florence” has two moons, who wants to live on the one next door to mine after we propel it into orbit around our Moon?

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