Made another one of those “You’re done here” posts this morning, that no one is able to directly respond to, what is that the 10,000th one now?

This image encapsulates the basic disagreement, except it’s inverted these days

Trillions for the jungle-populations, next to nothing for the ones who want to go beyond white people (rather than pretending they’re evil devils that need to be bred out of existence). Don’t worry, that is the subterranean ethos, don’t let them psyop you into thinking they aren’t running their own CRISPR program, except this time for dysgenic purposes. It’s so refreshing when some of the reckless ones articulate what the others are pushing for

  1. Greater stupidity for white people, 2. Find the one with someone who only understands lust because they are a savage, 3. Nasty nigger baby that everyone knows looks like a shit-log with a human face, 4. It’s really reallly realllllly stupid to make sure everyone isn’t a savage who looks like a shit-log with four limbs in the next generation, be careful.

So you want to join me in an ol’ 2AM exhumation

Don’t like the idea of 1/100th Hegels being culturally gulagged? Ah I guess you’re a “reactionary”. “We needkt to PROdusche four-limb shit-LOGsj, thish ij Marxijm!”

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