What I’ve detected throughout my posting journey is that the ones against me have a capital-linkage to their brains. Anything I say that would lead to them losing capital is instantly defused through some ignoble method. All they care about is making cash, in one way or another, often indirectly. Even just regular people posting online, they know that if they talk about the things I talk about they can expect a hit of some sort materially. This is how they operate. Make money off agreeing with the corporations and the side of their brain they don’t control tells them that’s their opinion otherwise they’ll perish. Eh I like studying old books and laughing at mankind, if you have adapted the plutocrat-face so much that you see that as a bad thing, I guess, see you later, I tried to talk sense into you. It’s your destiny to be part of the system and its deceptions. There’s an older order that watches you. Really I just look for my dream girl here who wouldn’t care about any of that. Some sperg reading this- “Woman and capital goes together, they can never leave the capital center of the brain” – I still try to alter them, since their ideologies apparently can’t. All the mystics of history laugh at money and power, and approximately .01% of them are women, I wonder why. None have heard of Hildegard von Bingen apparently. GTFO if you aren’t like her. Nun Lives Matter, none of you sickening animals’.

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