What sci-fi can do at its best

Science is for spergs, it needs to be filtered into myth initially to engage the public imagination. We need a sci-fi on CRISPR and human biological diversity, Suarez’s book is expectedly safe in this regard and thus won’t “alarm” anyone, provoking—ideally, forcing—debate.

Over a thousand results in libgen. Only enough time to scroll through half- most are concerned with agriculture, medicine, and environmentalism (terrestrial/prog circuits [what’s the difference?]) so, same as CRISPR, I guess that’s where we are as a society in history with these “emerging technologies”. A couple to do with skin tissue regeneration, that might fall somewhat into “enhancement”. You can infer from that why DARPA would be interested in this (supersoldiers who get shot and heal instantly). How about a megamind that prevents all war in the first place, eh?

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