From that Crichton novel, speaking of breakaway civilizations

Self-replicating. How meticulous it must be to make such bots that are potentially eye-to-eye with atoms? Makes sense that they would have that quality- who or what is in a better place to create more of them than them?

Makes me think that the various ideological factions of the world are their own breakaway civilizations, all with their own unique type of intelligence. I’m new to nanotechnology, just thought some would be interested in updates on my research of it. And that is exactly the kind of intelligence I represent. I try to breakaway from the culture that brokeaway from the culture of the 50s, and the 40s, that has a hegemonic influence today. What is political correctness besides “This is what Intelligence is”? You can’t even satirize yourselves, we’ve been telling you for years that you and the corporations and banks and covert agencies all agree what intelligence is, and you’re not even able to breakaway from that, because that would be “unintelligent” according to your own self-referring rules. Even your system-man Derrida would be laughing at you today for this. Some types of intelligence want to keep fracturing off, and rethinking what the nature of the world is, while the one predominant today only wants to maintain itself and never question itself. All the money and all the figureheads agree with you about x y and z, and you think you perceived your idea of the world independently? You all had the same epiphany simultaneously, it wasn’t that they emblazoned it into your mind and you accepted it as true unthinkingly, no, never, never that you free free being. What their breakaway civilization is (which was indeed once a genuine counter-culture 60-80 years ago) is the attempt to stifle civilizations from breaking off from it. This will be much easier for them once we’re all mulattoes whose intelligence consists in eating, fucking, and sleeping. I guess that is its own kind of intelligence. Today, people who try to breakaway from you are fired, i.e. lowered in class-status, or in some people’s cases put into literal documentaries about how you can’t get a girlfriend. They don’t want people who disagree with them to breed, this is one of the main signs that they’re totalitarians. The only ones they want in the next generation are the kind that will be too stupid to ask questions and try to breakaway from the corporatic order. And this has been proven to you now with the nigger lives matter riots, all the corporations agree, all the media agree, all the academics agree, that you are not a breakaway civilization anymore like you were in the 60s, you are a civilization people are trying to breakaway from because you are so out of touch with reality that rather than admit you were ever wrong you’d prefer the west to transmogrify into the same dilapidated state of the countries that you encourage immigrants to flee away from.

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