That’s what my history / econ teacher in high school always kept saying and it turned out to be true- “Follow the money”. Why do progs believe what they do, well, apply his suggestion to them. History and English teachers at that age can get away with a lot by the way if my experience is any way universalizable- this is a way to hack into their intelligentsia if you know how to play it carefully (which under Lord Jack’s regime I’m sure you’re well-acquainted to). Too smart to be a prole, too smart to be an office-drone, being a teacher with an impeccable skill for ketman is a decent way to survive in this regime as a mind. They’re probably similar to the priests of history whose histories were never written, because that’s the nature of their craft. Try to free the young from the status quo, and if you too explicitly display that that’s what you’re doing you won’t be able to do that anymore. That’s how the system works. Yeah so follow the money, this idea I rolled my eyes at at the time because I was more concerned with leveling up in video games, it’s actually so true it can’t be described, because so many interpret the idea through the idea itself, i.e. they can’t even understand the concept because understanding the concept would mean that they would lose money. There’s an underground world of people who care about knowledge above everything else, and you probably won’t be invited to the breakaway patch.

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