Here we are, once again. Would you like to respond?

-CNN anchor doesn’t have words, when I interrupt their program on live television-

Here we are, here we are at last. So what are your thoughts about creating humans that are twice as smart as any humans alive today?

-M-my boss is-s a a, Kike, so I haven’t really thought about that very much-

Do you need to have therapy too? “Should all Jews be dead?” it’s a discipline, we’ll have to take you through lots of literature. After going through the documents with an unwavering eye my conclusion is Yes. If none of them can admit to the flaws of their fellows the entire race is to blame. They all stick together, bind together in a pack, and if that pact means turning civilization into third-world smoke-stacks, the conclusion is Jew Lives Don’t Matter. “We only want you and your former slaves to be one race, so no one questions or tries to holocaust us anymore goy, any questions, by the way you can’t ask questions, and if all the US turns to rubble we’re moving to Israel, have any questions whether you want to use the removal of police in society to your own benefit, hopefully you don’t start shooting jews indiscriminately in the head in their homes after breaking in and then moving on to Israel and murdering all the Jews there too, cross your fingers good Hebraic people.”

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