All this time I’ve just been waiting to hear a surrender from the women. If you grovel on your hands and knees then maybe we can make some sort of agreement. I see the world your father sees the world, the way your grandfather saw the world, what they treat/ed you like too much of daffodils to say to you. Are you too much of a sensitive flower? Poor girl, so emotional. Clasp your hands, sink to your knees, and pray to God in the sky, or else the next several decades of your life are going to be a mess. I try to prevent that for you. Nun-mode for 18 months if you are able to deal with that ideal, after that you might be able to raise kids who you don’t make unhappy. You definitely aren’t the kind of person who would raise kids who grow up unhappy, huh? Right… The majority of millennial women should just shut their mouths and follow the imperative to be a nun for various months, otherwise the next generation of kids are not going to be happy, it’s a 100% expectation ratio. What do you stupid whores care about anything besides yourselves though? That’s the real question. Who gives a fuck about those kids, you piece of shit whores. Who cares? Not you.

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