Something else that is good for Übermensch-ACC

While it would be an exaggeration to say that NASA is allowed to operate beyond good and evil, what other group could say something like this and be met with cricket-chirps rather than an unruly mob?

“Well, NASA’s doing it so…” It’s like they’re a bit impervious, they have a cultural forcefield to some degree.

That’s okay, don’t bother genomically augmenting your astronauts, we have ways of dealing with crewmembers who die of radiation-sickness or cancer on planets without morgues

Then once they augment astronauts that will slowly warm the public up to the idea.

CRISPRnauts, then

paging nanobots

⏳ “Why do the astronauts get nanobots to kill their cancerous tumors and we don’t?” ⌛️

⏳ “Why do the astronauts get to be genetically altered to be resistant to blindness and we don’t?” ⌛

N️ot to mention using CRISPR to buffer against all these in the civilian population

NASA might very well be the gateway to CRISPR- once again, what other institution can get away with casually saying

We’re looking at a range of things. From drug therapies, and those seem to be quite promising, to more extreme things like epigenetic modification all the way to [genetic] manipulation.

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