Watching one Absolute Cause being discarded for another Absolute Cause in a matter of a couple days, I’m still recovering from that. The absence of humanity that was demonstrated. What is so soul-deadening to behold is the interchangeability of the typical leftist. You can take what any one of them says, copy+pasted verbatim, and post it to another one of their accounts, and no one would be able to tell the difference. They’re a collective mind without any individuals. Observing that is soul-crushing. Your alleged fellow human beings displaying a lack of individualism, something about that doesn’t sit right. I always think I can’t take anymore and then it’s another day, and then it’s another month, and then it’s another year. Absolute Cause after Absolute Cause. No thought involved in moving from one to another, and just as much unreflective group-zealotry for the present one as there will be for the next one. Seeing one’s fellows in that state of degradation is enough to drive one mad, or to the moon.

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