“The Self-Esteem Movement”, that’s the perfect way to characterize it

the self-esteem movement took on a life of its own. It soon discarded those core conditions of proper self-esteem and instead focused on having a favorable opinion of oneself, independently of objective justification for that favorable opinion. Children were to be praised because praise fosters self-esteem. Criticism should be avoided because criticism undermines self-esteem.

A team of scholars led by Roy Baumeister, formerly an advocate for self-esteem interventions, reviewed 15,000 studies that had been written on the relationship of self-esteem to the development of children and concluded that improving self-esteem does not raise grades or career achievement, or have any other positive effect.

Show the left 150,000 studies that demonstrate that repeating black lives matter over and over again doesn’t actually improve them and they’ll continue repeating black lives matter over and over again.

From a more recent article by Baumeister

Wow, this encapsulates the errors of the present movement exactly

Ultimately, the difference between self-esteem and self-control is one of style versus substance, of image versus reality. Self-esteem is just opinion, and raising self-esteem often entails embracing a more flattering view of an unimproved self. In contrast, self-control can actually help one become a better person, as opposed to just regarding oneself as a better person. Indeed, self-control sounds a lot like what people used to call character: the ability to live up to goals and ideals, to resist temptations, to honor obligations, and to follow through on difficult tasks or projects.

They don’t want blacks to matter, they want them to believe they matter, crucial distinction. They think that helping them believe that they matter will lead to them mattering, even when all the science is against them. Thanks for wasting everyone’s time!

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