We’ve made lots of progress on disrespecting the feds in the last five years. I bet this image might unsettle you

Still though, if you think back, they used to have more of a secret agent connotation. That’s gone now. We’ve gotten to a point where it isn’t even worth mocking them. They used to cause fear. I remember around 2015 feeling somewhat like a scared sheep in relation to them. They kept dissidents in a subtle state of fear, and we’ve memed that away. Starting ~early 2017 is my sense, some of you might remember a specific meme that got someone banned, a pretty innocent post too, which might give you an idea of the unspoken fear they used to cause, and the perceived intolerance for jokes about them. Remember it, Mcmullin/Mcmuffin, whatever that fed’s name was, someone posted The FBI, what you except vs. what you get, and it was a Bond-like picture juxtaposed with Mcmuffin eating fast food or something, and he got banned for it. That’s when it started going downhill for the feds, their control over us. That’s still there, hence the phrase “fedposting”, we’re all just 100x more self-aware of their presence and have 100x more levity about them than we once did. That’s my read on it anyway.

The real cops that need to be defunded.

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