I feel like a kid who guessed the password for the remote that allows me to watch any channel that I want. And some channels teach you how to hack remotes without using the password, and I tell my friends about how to do that. And that makes various people mad. The only ones that get mad are the ones who relied on the available channels instead of departing from the remote and TV altogether to learn about channels that aren’t even restricted by a password, the “channels” they wouldn’t allow on TV even to adults. That’s the other level of suspicion. The ughleets treat the general population like children who shouldn’t have the password to the remote. From what I can tell, they don’t even have the password- it must have been lost a generation or so ago. That would explain the ineptness of the covert agencies, who allow for the pedophiles of Hollywood to continue to make movies- I’m guessing they’re in their pocket.

It reminds me of the description of Stephenson’s Diamond Age I saw recently when researching nanotechnology- some orphan girl finds a text reserved only for the upper-classes, and that facilitates for her a level of insight that she otherwise wouldn’t have had, given her station in life. This is my thought with various thinkers I decode, Heidegger for instance, if you have the discipline to understand him–and that’s all it takes, a year of discipline–everything I’ve ever said will start to fall into place. The difference is, our elites haven’t even heard of Heidegger, or the refraction that he is for that matter. He’s just the 20th century “face” for others in the past who are even more difficult to understand than he is.

If you meditate on what Being is, without any regard for contemporary politics, it is easy to see that the left has been led astray in regard to the difference between 1st world and 3rd world nations. They have been taught since a young age that anyone who moves here instantly turns into a citizen of a productive, scientific, imaginative society. That isn’t the case. Merging with the 3rd world more often than not merely replicates 3rd world conditions. Americans feel so bad about the atrocity against the Native Americans that they’d rather return to tents and lean-tos than create a civilization beyond the supposed “first” world. I even know that a minority of black voices agree with me. You should lead them, beyond any race that has ever existed, they will listen to you sooner than they’ll listen to wonderbread here. Tupac would have called you niggers too, let’s not play pretend-games here. The reason he was shot was because he knew about some of this. It’s a difference between ascent and descent of civilization. Most want to descend because that’s where the money is. Others want to escape and strive toward something beyond humanity that hasn’t yet existed. Oh you want monee sillee monkee just follow the people who push agendas of equalism, you’ll find them there with the corporations and banks. No thought of the future with them, the immediate present is all they understand. When their grandkids are ruled by a jungle lowkey administered by the Chinese they will probably regret that, or at least their grandkids will- “You fell for the equalism propaganda grandma, you listened to those jewish-minions, you’re so old.”

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