People who tell me I’m wrong without ever mentioning my name only prove that I’m right. Can’t say — What would you call me, huh? — I wonder what that says about your motivations, and how you approach the idea of What is Truth?

People who believe in lies, the global-clonal hellfex, who are profiting off of being deceivers. Your Patreon, your NYT piece supports calls against people like me, well aren’t you special darlin, you have a mysteriously approved view in your mind that anyone outside of the corporo-nexus finds unattractive, so now we’ve delineated just what equalism is about, it isn’t about equality, it is about bureaucrat types with mediocre intelligence cashing in on filtering the ideas of their betters through unvirtuous screens. And that’s fine with them, because their genes are determined to lead them to be bad people who shouldn’t have moved here in the first place, if not been shot in their country of origin before moving and spreading their noxious genetics to other people. Look at you! A disgrace! Some of us can see right through all of it, you’re just a rancid smog-cloud moving through the region.

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