With the exception of racism, the one thing everyone hates the most is cancer. Breakthroughs in that direction will be the path of least resistance for facilitating the emergence of this too-seemingly-naziish technology. From cancer.net

p53 huh? Oncology is the farthest possible field away from ontology, I just try to be interdisciplinary- this looks interesting

If citations are any indicator, there’s been tons of research on the intersection between crispr and p53 already

A lot of these studies are only a couple years old. This is one of the ideas

Also, while we’re at it, I wonder if these little guys could be of help

Looks preferable to a surgeon using a scalpel to cut out a golfball-sized tumor. Lots of p53/nanotek intersections too if you google it.

Anyway, imagine scientific publications in the future on CRISPR cited by 546 that rather than medical treatment have to do with enhancement. It’s fuzzy though because wouldn’t you consider being immune to cancer an enhancement? So where to draw the line. My stance is- nowhere. All enhancements are good, tautologically. “Well that’s cuz you’re a NOT-SEEEEEE!!” Seriously, you’re all, precisely speaking, a bunch of relativists. This from an article I just found is symptomatic of all of you

traits thought to be “good” would be promoted and traits thought to be “bad” would be wiped out.

Uhh… yeah? That’s a bad thing? Wait til we find the leftist gene, that’s getting wiped out!

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