DARPA is keen to focus on preventative tactics at this stage

We probably wouldn’t have to worry about a fourth or even second generation with some, because they would look upon CRISPR itself and DARPA as obsolete. In fact we’re already starting to broach that horizon now. No one has to worry about the fourth generation, that will be for the altered ones after us to worry about. People look to AI with this type of thinking only because da hollowcost, the exact same thinking can be applied to the field of genetics. How will Roko’s Basilisk see you who hid in public year after year? If I were Roko I’d have you killed or enslaved, no emotions are at play, that’s just the practical solution for meat-robots. You’re the type of being that prevents rather than furthers evolution, might as well be a rock to me, I step over you, kick you, if you’re lucky throw you.

One of the potential threats I can see, in the reverse-style of Suarez, is that DARPA is its own underground lab that is doing experiments unchecked by anyone while posing to be the ones who check everyone else. No, I don’t care what you’ve invented in the past, the internet and anonymous culture has moved beyond you as a state-institution, you’re just a joke to us. Why don’t you start posting your findings anonymously, the kind you are advised not to share with the public? Want to join our crew? What, you’re loyal to corporate-drone existence? “I’ll work within this agency in order to reform it.” That simply isn’t enough. You are still part of their mind-control apparatus. People outside of that can see right through people like you. You don’t want to live your life that way. Especially if you’re going to die and be a skeleton some day. Do you want to be one of those static skeletons in a casket who agreed with their corporate bosses every step of the way? Go on, make an excuse for why that is okay, in your own mind. It isn’t okay to anyone who sees you. Applauded by the present, laughed at by the people across centuries.

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