“Should I do what’s right or make a post in favor of burning and looting because some were born in a jungle, well I’m just going to have to…”

The secret west. Pretending the retardation isn’t there and turning retarded yourself in order to further the project of pretending. That retard is still there, many jews and whites use their IQ to the max and we still see it. They want the ones who recognize them for what they are gone immediately. You light-skinned ones act like third-worlders hAHHA!@!! And their response is, “If you are able to detect that level of perception we need to get rid of you and pretend that’s not what we’re doing.” Typical third-world mentality. Look at you leftists, a people that is so beneath contempt that one would feel sickened to even begin describing what is wrong with you. You have sexual intercourse with monkeys, what else do you need to know? “They’re not monkeys!! They’re human beings!” AHAHAHAHAHA

“We’ve made a pact with the animals to save them.”

You’re an animal yourself and I choose to not make a pact with you.

Nasty, nasty. People who want us to turn into animals in the next generation and NEVER EVEN ADMIT THAT’S WHAT THEY’RE DOING. Something off there. Better to start shooting them and burying them in ditches with unmarked graves. United States Army, would you like to have a voice here? You can make someone’s skull disappear from their shoulders from hundreds of yards away? Ah, so would you like to join our crew, soldier?

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