The trillion dollar question

More than a trillion if I were to be the judge. What is the world worth, 90 trillion? The 90 trillion dollar question I’d call it then. Anyone who disagrees with that doesn’t understand the implications. We’re talking about a species-change. We’re not talking about your typical consumerist product, one decade’s fashion to the next, or a change of what is seen as the best restaurant or diet or TV show or ideology or ideological stance of the month, we’re talking about altering the very biology that perceives the products, the fashions, the ideologies. Is this idea itself a product, a fashion, an ideology? Yes, and that’s why it’s so dangerous, it can be misused by anyone. What’s so dangerous about it from the standpoint of people like me is that it can be and likely will be misused by those already in power. For instance, say one (1) isolated gene is discovered that exclusively accounts for four things, intelligence, creativity, memory, and kindness. Now we ask, “Who discovered this gene?” Was it, perhaps, scientists of the State? Similar to our social scientists now with their political agendas that are so heavily biased so as to render them the opposite of “scientists” properly speaking? So what then. Essentially you’re going to get a “leftist eugenics program” that systematically weeds all of its enemies out of the biology of the species, permanently. I mean, they already do exactly that on a cultural level. This would just be a much more extreme version. Gets back to the idea of the order of rank of virtues, determining that. Take those four, intelligence, creativity, memory, and kindness – which should be the one that determines the others? Many leftists would say kindness. And then some rightists would say that isn’t an intelligent thing to say. “You say that because you’re not very kind.” This is where we’re at.

I suggest again you read Change Agent. I sympathize more with the antagonists of the novel as you might expect. That is what I expect in the future, underground labs that spawn humans with a rangordnung of virtues that contrasts with the State’s. And if the latter selects for kindness over intelligence, it will only be a matter of time before…

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