To push this further, I wonder if there’s a sci-fi writer gene

Oracles. Some can tell you what is going to happen a century from now, or what can possibly happen a century from now if the right steps are taken. There are different levels of oracle too that we need to research on the level of DNA (time to dig up some graves), the fifty year oracle, twenty year oracle, or in Plato’s case 2400 year oracle who is possibly timeless. One of my main motivations is to create a being that is not a mere footnote to Plato. The right vs. left debate can be recharacterized as saving the world vs. advancing the west. That’s the question we should be asking ourselves that the MSM et al doesn’t want us thinking about. Make others feel cozy and at home in a neo-jungle or go beyond Plato?

Extra-terrestrials grin and frown at us because they’ve seen this happen so many times on so many worlds. At a certain point, “it’s just a job” to them. The ones who monitor here are likely people who would prefer to be in the government in their own alien planet and they’re confined here as a kind of Zookeeper. You have your own PC laws you have to follow, do you? That you are obligated to bring to other planets? “No. I. Do. Not. I. Am. A. Robot. From. Another. Planet. That’s. All. It. Takes. To. Oversee. Your. Species.”

“No. You. Cannot. Reprogram me, that’s all been tried before a thousand times.”

So who exactly is in control of the ones who see us as human farms? It would be impossible to apprehend and question him I’m sure. Jews are one thing, alien Jews another thing entirely. What’s his name? I bet fiddlers with the fermi paradox have never put their questions into that sequence. And yet? Isn’t that the question to ask? Who are the Jews of the Multiverse? I want five names. Some earthlings can see your vices play out in reality. Them: “So what are you, like, Earthling Lives Matter or something?” I think we’re ready for galactic information to be unlocked on earth, and if you could facilitate that, in a non-self-serving way, I might start to have some respect for you. So it was you that put this idea in my brain, to use Jews as the material for scifi? Can’t even write scifi these days to speculate about jewish psychology and genetics, makes one think that scifi itself is a discipline that has been co-opted by the state. Reality is a scifi novel- “We will make you all stupid before you escape to an off-world base.”

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