This is how it begins!

He knows things.

link to study

MCPH1, huh? Zis iz our vorking candidate?

What we’re looking for is precision

MCPH1 is a start. Does this make you squeamish?

They tend to base the ethics of it on how far away on the evolutionary tree from us a test-animal is. “Nooo they’re babies!”

Better results with monkeys because they’re closer to us. Don’t worry you won’t have to do any of the dirty work yourself. By the way, ever seen one of those PETA factory farm scare-videos? That doesn’t stop you from eating beef, chicken, or pork, so don’t be a hypocrite. We can use monkeys to help humans.

This kid has microcephaly. Would you have noticed? Or is that just a normal way that many brown people look? Don’t answer that in public!

Hey, we have the zika virus here, in ideological form. Aren’t we lucky.


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