Out of all the absurd things I’ve brought up the last week, what I keep thinking about is that video of a skeleton wailing at old people. Is this some type of “crypto-current” that no one speaks of? I’m trying to watch out for my favorite boomers who are too ingrained in the system to say anything. There are probably ways to live another decade if you know where to look, if you know the right people. The problem we have now is democratizing it, because our Maoists are vehemently opposed to anyone who questions their idea of the nature/nurture debate. Do our institutional leftists just want our aging geniuses to die? This should be obvious to you by now, yes, yes they do, that way they can start over fresh. They want books taken care of, they especially want people with MEMORY of older times taken care of, those are worse than books, because they can speak like a person. China is probably the best bet, I don’t mean to send you on a wild goose chase since I don’t know any of the ones operating these underground labs, that just seems like the best bet if you were to ask me. If you want to get even more particular, China has a totalitarianism similar to America’s so somewhere near the periphery I’d guess.

Schizo-speculation- COVID was created in one of these labs, and the riots were anticipated by China’s AI algorithms, “We’ll make them transfer all responsibility for black people onto whites and distract from us yellows” – that’s how the world works, sadly. Meanwhile what is the gene of the west no one can criticize,

Watch out for kike-syntheses, even “friends” in our sphere are part of their agenda. And even upon reading this they are designed to never change for the better, they are only built to keep pushing their views toward primitivization of the west. The more nuanced ones will have concluded that the options are to kill them all or escape. How about, synthesis, escape then kill them all?

Jew-pepe, jew-pepe, do you not think that we see right through you?

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