The only reason I ever say anything bad about white women is because they’re so beautiful. Are you a white woman? Really isn’t difficult to tell. “I’m an eyetalian tho!” “I’m a joo” “I’m a russian I’m an argentinean” I try to protect beautiful specimens from being leveled. If you care about “reproductive freedom” as most liberals do (and most women are liberals) you will be concerned about the fact that certain ones want to control you with propaganda so that you or any younger ladies like you who are more naive than you don’t have any say in the matter. Their motto is that they want your beauty to not be there in the next generation, during the future of the life on earth. I don’t like that idea personally, I want beauty/brain hybrids on earth when I’m dead, and with their plan we’ll get the exact opposite. Revenge for the holocaust they deserved is my sense, just trying to be scientifically accurate.

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