It brings me a certain anguish the moments I have flashes and realize just how pathetic the typical American is, when I really get into their head and understand their experience of being a democratic citizen. When they “vote with their voice” for a given ideological stance of the month, what is that “feeling” they get? They feel like their voice matters, it makes them feel human to be a “political animal”, to “participate in democracy”. What do most of them actually do though? They join the politically correct herd and state the opinion that is accepted. This is what makes them feel human, this is their idea of participating in democracy, being a democratic citizen. I hate to see you! It’s so pathetic! “This is who I am, a PC fucking idiot. And voicing this opinion that is not my own brings me a sensation of being a real person.” No, you’re not a real person. All you do is mimic the hive. Your life doesn’t matter, if you died it would be nothing. One fewer grotesque non-human to have to see. All you do is copy others, and somehow this makes you feel good? How? An empty existence, and that’s all they need. It’s a mystery to me. “It makes me feel like I matter when I agree with the corporations and all the rest.” You don’t matter, whatever the opposite of mattering is, that’s you.

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