Sometimes I feel like the conscience of the millennials. I’d declare a moratorium on video games. Every second spent leveling up on those is a second that isn’t spent leveling up IRL. What do you think I talk about here regarding the value of erudition, and techno or genetic augmentation? Leveling up. Any second spent shooting people in a video game takes away the need to shoot someone IRL. What do you think I do here? I’m an honorary gamer, probably the same basic type of human as many gamers, I just sublimate it differently. We’re currently “stuck on a level” politically and biologically. Shooting and crispr are ways to get to the next level, the only ways I see, actually. When you waste your time playing video games all you’re doing is deciding to be stuck on this level IRL.

In the meantime before a seastead, or before Greenland, or before Indonesia, or before an exoplanet, Schmitt’s state of exception is the most relevant concept. These ideas are the way toward leveling up IRL. Either move or kill. If these riots haven’t provoked Trump to initiate a state of exception, what will? I can just feel Putin laughing at us. In any case, video games are just the most glaring example I can think of that is a problem. If we focused all our brainpower on the state of exception and/or exit we’d get to the next level that would unlock certain abilities that could get us to even higher levels faster. That’s what we’d do on an exoplanet ya know, increase the rate of evolution tenfold, a hundredfold. Designer babies are just the first step. What they decide to do with nanotechnology is the next. Conscious, deliberate reprogramming at the Planck level. [further, futuristic idea redacted for now]

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