The most controversial genealogy that exists

This would make everyone happy, Jews, Muslims, Christians, Cladistic Christians. We’ll have to take Plato’s Laws to the Kepler Super-Earth with us to do something like this.

There are contemporary parallels here

The rabble worships neo-YHWH (DVRSTY) while a minority worships Nous (RNGRDNNG).

Difficult to free them from their popular-religion when it was set in stone neurologically at a young age

Persuaded of anything, you can say that again- much of the prog mythoplex seems right out of a fantasy novel.

Ancient “editing” of the Books of Life

The Homers and Hesiods lurking in our genome, vices accrued from our animal past. “You dare question Homer?” “You dare question the Torah?” “You dare question the genome?” When our biology has been shaped by millennia of Platonism for the mob, yes. Instead of trying to align themselves with Nous, our neo-YHWHists of today are fortifying their anti-philosophic mob religion

Destroying anything that conflicts with their new monotheism. It’s a covenantal pact too, same as with the old YHWH- this time it’s “Believe in Me, and one day I will bring equality to all the lands. Believe in Me, and you will be equal too.” Their God is real in the sense that if they follow the imperative to destroy their betters, the white man and his culture, they will be equal. Equally stupid, equally vulgar, equal nonetheless.

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