I’d try it

Apparently bumblebees can see in ultraviolet, could possibly splice with those. I’d like a vision that–and possibly this falls into infrared–is able to see moods, emotional states, in order to eliminate deception. That’s one of the things that boggles my mind the most, why we would have evolved to deceive, seems vestigial, to be phased out, being able to know people’s moods would facilitate this.

If you think of the very fundamentals of talking, we could ask why we have thoughts at all, why everything isn’t instantly verbalized, why there is a thought to word causation at all. Answer is because we’d be constantly interrupting each other. So in those periods of silence when we’re listening to the other, that’s when deception evolved. When we’re weighing what to say, in order to–what? Tell them what they want? Would a “psychic” society be so bad? The internet/social media approaches that, everyone’s inner-thoughts seem to manifest more than when I used to not be extremely online.

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