Learn Plato had a sister, immediately google image her, while feeling… I’m not gona say it. Oh to dig up her grave and clone her. (Seriously, if there’s anything to this this and this we might have to start doing that.)

His nephew took over the Academy after his death. I wonder what we could learn from him. Who Plato “really” was? Or will we learn more about a first reaction to him by someone among those most familiar with him? This says A LOT

As it is, however, even the bare outline we can still reconstruct of Speusippus’ system shows him to have been a highly original thinker… We have no evidence about the internal organization of the early Academy. But even the choice of Speusippus as Plato’s successor shows that adherence to Plato’s doctrines was not a condition either for belonging to the school or being its head.

This probably inspired Aristotle to depart from Plato as radically as he did, and the rest as they say, is history. Maybe those (proto)heebrew aristocrats mentioned earlier knew something of this as well.

Speusippus rejected the Platonic ideas

“Forget about Nous, it isn’t conducive to social engineering, didn’t you learn anything from the Republic?”

You know he was a member of this- I wonder what they talked about

Nocturnal Council the first Antiversity?

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