We need to go back

The forgotten origins of the West. A religion centered on a secret psychedelic.

This author likens the potency to the ololiuqui of the Aztecs. I actually tried that a couple times when I was younger. It isn’t much, just enough to remind you that there are two worlds. Imagine that- every year for centuries they were reminded. What do we have that is in any way like that today? Just goes back to the problem that we don’t have a transcendent reality to judge the state-religion against. That is key to its ability to thrive. This is part of why so many of those Germans found inspiration in the Greeks- they saw them as a people who had direct mystical experiences that were not mediated for centuries by a book (the Bible).

Another way of interpreting Socrates’ execution- he questioned their “trips”

It is the philosopher who occupies the highest rung, “who has seen the most,” something that could be read as a swipe at the vision seen by initiates at Eleusis after drinking the kykeon, since on experiencing the epopteia an initiate became an epoptes, literally “one who had seen.”

You know why psychedelics have gotten such a bad connotation, it’s because most of the people who take them are idiots and give them a bad name. Leary for instance was a professor of psychology when he first tried them, that explains part of why he was able to so eloquently articulate the experience. Where Socrates got the hemlock, Leary got forgotten by the culture, and now the hippies who he criticized for being lazy, incoherent hedonist potheads essentially are dominant in our culture today. We tried the Eleusinian Mysteries in the 60s and 70s, problem is we didn’t have the right priests. It didn’t create a new religion, it only destroyed Christianity, and now we’re left with this nihilistic anti-religion of leftism.

Nietzsche would lament that nearly everything pertaining to the question “what is Dionysiac” remained to be discovered and unearthed.

It’s ergot, it’s been unearthed. And we today have entheogens that are 100x more powerful than that. What could the potential implications of this be?

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