What do you think drives anti-cop mentality? I am someone who constantly invites cops kicking down my door and arresting me and I don’t even hate them as much as the left seems to. What is it poor baby, you get paranoid smoking weed, slightly panic when you’re going 75 MPH on the freeway and see a cop, poor you, those bad coppers are gonna getcha! What a daredevil you are. I saw a post where people were celebrating the fact that a cop was shot and crippled from the neck down. Is this the id of the left? What is this about? A subterranean view on the matter is that they know about FBI crime statistics as well as we do, and instead of blaming POC for them they blame the cops. They’d rather cops be crippled for arresting criminals than ever admit that those “people” should have been arrested.

Whether it’s 200,000 years, 20,000 years, or 2,000 years, it’s not something you want to synthesize with. If you try to be equals you will simply be brought back to the jungle with it.

“Maybe kindness will fix it.”

Can kindness alone fix that?

What the left is doing now is scapegoating cops for stereotyping people with skulls of a certain shape, and skin color to match. “Your skull and brain-volume are objectively less than the European population and for some mysterious reason you tend to be criminals more often, weird, it must be a coincidence.”

It all has to do with the meaning of “Law”. For them, the highest law is Equality. So when they see police statistics that criminalize brown and black people more they see the “law enforcement” as conflicting with the higher law. No, your higher law is just not grounded in empirical data. The higher law is beyond the cops or the equalist religion. What is the “higher law” if you were to ask me? Do good. Cops are a lot better at that than the equalist-fanatics who can’t even look at mathematical statistics without freaking out hysterically and wanting all cops to be murdered. “Don’t judge us for being rancid garbage” is the essence of the left from what I can gather, unless someone wants to turn a new leaf and prove me wrong?

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