Perfect way to frame the cognitive enhancement debate

In 1996 the Motorola StarTAC cost $1,000, and activists complained that the poor were exploited to build them. Today the poor are talking on them.

If anything they’ll use their augmentations to make it easier for everyone else to get them, because at that level of cognition they’ll want those kind of people around even less. They have an incentive to not want to live in the same world as people they find obnoxious. That is the most frequent “ethical concern” I find relating to crispr, that it will create a further divide between the rich and the poor. You like your iPhone? I like mine. Certainly glad they let rich people have those algebra calculator against your face lookin motorola flipfones in the 90s so we could get to this point. That’s the central thing that holds a lot of this technology back, the envy of the underprivileged. Imagine if we had to wait until 2006 for that motorola, that’s the spirit they represent.

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