In my research to get as far away from white people as possible I found the Vale do Javari

It’s the highest concentration of indigenous peoples in the world

And it’s probably going away soon

How’s that make you feel? It’s like a living museum. Imagine having “isolado” groups like this in the US

There’s bound to be 👽 perspectives among some of these

Amidst the COVID outbreaks one of their representatives has requested medicine, radios, telephones, speedboats and helicopters. It’s all going away, it’s only a matter of time.

Will anyone really miss it? I for one wouldn’t mind spending a year or so studying them before they culturally disappear off the face of the earth.

Reminds me of the time Artxell said he represented the Indus Valley—when in reality, he’s one of the most rabidly white people I’ve ever known, in his beliefs. BLM for instance is a white people phenomenon in light of these tribes.

Is Lorenzoni wrong here?

There’s cultural emancipation then there’s biological emancipation. I’d like to see a survey of shamans asked what they think about genetic engineering.

According to Narby, “Both shamans and molecular biologists agree that there is a hidden unity under the surface of life’s diversity; both associate this unity with the double helix shape”

I wonder if any of these uncontacted tribes would have anything to teach us about CRISPR

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