Something that’s crystallized for me over the course of this high-event year is the emptiness of our celebrities. I just wonder what their real function in culture is supposed to be, it seems like ideally they’d serve as examples of heroism. Instead, every single one of them across the board does nothing besides agree with the prevailing order. It all seems so soulless- these are the ones that so many people “look up to”? This is what “cool” is? It seems like some would have been able to gain their own sense of individualism that would allow them to challenge the status quo. Instead, none of their “coolness” rests in rebellion whatsoever, or in taking a nuanced stance of any kind. It’s a pure aesthetic of appearance, if you think of someone like DiCaprio or Tom Brady, I can imagine them getting away with saying things that would instill fear in some powerful people and they don’t do anything of the sort. Empty celebrity culture, a glimmering facade of heroism, on its way out. Probably to be replaced by YouTube and podcast people in demigod-likeness—if they decide to work on going pro—before this decade is over. The internet has killed them all, and every new current event just shows more and more how obsolete and counter-productive they are.

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