I’d go as far as to say that it’s their duty to watch over the people, and instead they all just save their own skin from cancel-culture. It puts whatever they did to achieve celebrity-status in a new light. They can’t be more than human in the domain of culture where it really matters. Some of them have an invincibility that they don’t take up, which makes them all the more pathetic, they could theoretically cluster together as nodes of invincibility and swarm a given node that is supposedly more powerful than they are. Just goes to show that the “legacy” media is more talented than they are collectively since they don’t try to ever enact anything of the like, a “cultural coup”. Maybe they’re waiting for a Napoleon (can Brady sublimate his quasi-militaristic spirit!?), nah they’re just apathetic, don’t truly care about the people that gave them fame and historic dopamine gains, all they care about is increasing their status even if it means it’s ultimately at the expense of the culture. The real talent, apparently, is among the ones who shape public-perception who these otherwise invincible ones have to cater to at every turn. “Experts” and specialists in education, and TV CEOs mostly, our crypto-celebrity class.

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