having access to anything that might reasonably be called Chinese public opinion was invigorating.

What is their social media culture like, I wonder.

Chinese formalism?

What I want to know is, of the 500,000 “official accounts”, which ones are in the business of ideology-formation and which are most popular- further, what is the content of the ideology. It isn’t easy for me to find stats on this. How they work

Imagine hearing something this explicit from a politician in America

Also, what, no one cares about you gooks. Most reading this very post of mine are probably eye-glazed right now. Must be a strong “us vs. them” culture over there, pitting us as the enemy.

Anyway, there’s also Weibo which seems to be closer to twitter. Similar to WeChatscope, someone created FreeWeibo

Are there any recurrent themes among these 12%?

Feds of China

How does it differ from our own definition of this

The announcement didn’t clarify what content should be regarded as “harmful,” but it promised that Weibo would train the supervisors beforehand.

Something else one can’t imagine our own “supervisors” being so explicit about in this rundown smoking ruin of a country of lies

The authorities said Weibo’s users spread information that “jeopardizes national security, public safety, and social order.”

i.e. a direct way of stating why one gets banned, and why one must be PC.

HA there must be a billion memes about this among the “symbologists of China”

Sounds familiar

Resourceful netizens also use images of ordinary objects and cartoon characters as symbols in an ever-growing visual lexicon made for dodging censorship.

Censorship about what, precisely, I wonder?

Chinese internet censors [try] to clean the web of what government leaders call “spiritual pollution.”

Is that what the digital underground really is to you.

One entertaining way to separate the wheat from the polluted chaff is to see who finds paintings of happy people in the 1950s “upsetting”

I wonder what triggers the brainwashed of China.

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