Why are you such a bore then? That’s pretty sad if that’s true. Ah, I see why

No pathos of distance. Check out this 2020 book on them if you’re interested. They portray themselves as independent and an institution that doesn’t get bogged down in bureaucracy and, as far as their exoteric appearance goes, they might as well be the military’s laptop. I just watched a Department of Defense intro vid and it made me laugh. You want to be far away from them… dIvErSiTy! Wimmin! Evry shade’a brown! That mindset in general, and all the stupidization it entails which I’ve extensively documented, has probably seeped into all their heads over at DARPA, sad.

Cut the act

Brown-nosers. “Sir, yes sir!” The Chief Innovation Agency of the Department of Defense, and they’re not even working on how to free the country from this mind-virus of ours, clearly because they’re controlled by it too.

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