Oh man that’s just too perfect

Thank you Jimmy “Neck Snapped in a Noose in the Near Future” Wales for everything you allow on Wikipedia™ that those you seek to silence have been able to use to their advantage against your best wishes. Has no idea what he’s doing, just look at him

This honorary kike

“I like money more than I like caring about society, I’m a mentally-defective retard that should be shot without trial” – basically explains how the world works and what to do about it.

Anyway, where was I, Arati Prabhakar, head of DARPA from 2012 to 2017

So where are we now?

Whoops did I say “we”? DARPA and The People aren’t one agency in any sense, forget about it. The secret side to the defense of your country, not “you” in any way. So where are we now?

What obscure, inscrutable reasons could have led to this?

Anything you want to tell us, Mr. Walker?

Anything about this perchance?

DARPA calls this area of research Augmented Cognition, or AugCog.

They understand the cultural controversies, that’s why it is kept hidden

Goldblatt chuckled. He’d left DARPA a decade ago, he said. He could discuss only unclassified programs.

Another layer to the investigation

The Jason scientists are hardly relevant anymore,” Goldblatt said. During his time at DARPA, and as of 2014, the “scientific advisory group with the most influence on DARPA,” he said, “is the DSB,” the Defense Science Board. The DSB has offices inside the Pentagon. And where the DSB finds problems, it is DARPA’s job to find solutions, Goldblatt explained.

In other news, they may have discovered the “leftist gene” and figured out how to accentuate it

Yes, the moral option, turning cities into jungles. “We are moral, we know what we’re doing.”

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