I was in Bernie’s city the other day, this stuff is still everywhere

It was there that the hypocrisy of the libs struck me. Their essence is rule-following. How could these same people so vehemently hate cops? They don’t break any laws, except again, the felonious party bong-hit wooo. What is that attitude about? “No one tells me what to do!” The establishment tells you to follow all the rules you do, and you follow those, so…? Such a “pleasant” place, Bernieville, so nice, so, dare I say – white. Cop-hate is just another manifestation of their “living in the moment” lifestyle. They don’t need a cop this very moment, and can’t even fathom the very next moment in the future when they might need one. The cop to them represents their inability to reconcile their faith in open borders with the reality of valid criminal stereotypes. When they see a cop getting screamed at they live vicariously through that, they feel themselves screaming at the impossibility of a flawless globalism where everyone in the world is an interchangeably ideal citizen. The cop represents the falsity of the beliefs they hold most sacred, the living, walking, authoritative reminders of that.

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