You won’t know the present moment of politics if you don’t understand the self-sacrificing nature of Christians. Whites are taking responsibility for all of the sins of the criminals who they see on the most fundamental level as innocent lambs. This is where equalism is derived from, seeing everyone as innocent lambs who are forgiven. Most are secular so they won’t say it but lib-support for BLM is another way of collectively telling them “God loves you.” Europeople act as one. Cops are just the easiest target to sacrifice, if you think of us all as one person, they’re like a limb that needs to be sawn off to protect the sheep for whom we are the shepherds from harm. Put differently, try to forget all about the Christian-optics in play. Cops aren’t to blame in this scenario, they’re not perfect no, it’s just that we use them to blame because on some level most leftists even know who the real criminals are and they want to “save” them by preventing them from feeling soul-crushing guilt. Like I’ve said, I’m my own kind of Christian- if you want to save them you can’t keep transferring the blame away from them onto white people, they need to eventually learn a tough lesson or they will never grow. Sure, there’s something about cops I don’t like either, they’re just not the primary ones who do wrong. What all this is about is that white people have taken responsibility for raising POC to their level, and since they haven’t gotten to that point, they blame themselves, and once again, the easiest scapegoat is cops. The real ones to blame among whites are the institutions that propagate the idea that biology isn’t real, that brain-differences aren’t real. Once we accept that we can begin to help them in a realistic manner, i.e. a manner that isn’t based on the delusion that everyone is an innocent lamb that can be saved through faith alone.

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