When I was researching social media in China recently, what stood out to me most was that people over there don’t often post about politics, it’s more about family, hobbies, everyday life. I’m going to be a Western supremacist here and say that there’s something noble about us as a people that makes us so concerned with politics, it’s like an obsession with morality-on-a-societal-level – that’s what politics is, wouldn’t you say? So it’s almost like each person in the west is their own philosopher, with varying levels of how informed and educated they are of course.

Anyway, the taboo that most of you philosophers presuppose is a consequence of not being able to fully “pull a Descartes” and doubt everything. I am speaking of the 400 years of slavery as they call it. It’s impossible to talk about this because

Many don’t realize that, relative to other figures in history, it’s difficult to find a single profound thing any of our founding fathers or other country-shaping presidents ever said.

Here’s an idea of what the currency will look like on the exoplanet

So, to refresh you on what the typical person in America believes- we enslaved blacks and that led to them being disadvantaged today. If you’re able to look at the argument without wincing, it seems more realistic to say that we enslaved them originally because they were disadvantaged. See the causative switch there? That’s everything, with this crucial national debate, that rarely anyone dares to mention. We enslaved them for the same reason they’re “oppressed” now, because they’re subhuman. The 400 years of slavery concept is a rhetorical trick to transfer the blame on whites for the fact that blacks are so animal-like it’s ambiguous whether we should see them similar to the way we see cattle.

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