He’s on a similar thought-wave to my theory about the plague/riot causative mechanism

isolation = meditation

It’s naive though to think of “finding yourself” free of all context.

Let’s meditate on one of the favorite images of mine

How simplistic this is. Can you think of one of these political models that isn’t playing a role in the present day? It seems they’re all smashed together, forget cycles.

It’s a tyrannical oligarchy–that is in fact a crypto-monarchy–that creates the illusion of democracy in the public (“finding yourself” free of political context) that leads to the anarchy of ochlocracy that we see. Rule-by-mobs is merely rule by those brainwashed by plutocrats. A more concrete way to think of it is, it’s rule-by-screens. Decades–especially the last decade–of “meditating” on what They put on your TV, laptop, smartphone screens eventually manifests as “people realizing who they are”, i.e. realizing they’re the people they’ve been formed into being.

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