You need to already exist partially in a posthuman realm yourself to even care about this stuff, I don’t expect a lot of you idiots to understand. For those excited about cyborg supersoliders, who are at the same time bitter like I am “that it has to start in the military”, just think, this is probably the necessary process on most planets. Only when it’s a question of life and death, that’s what incentivizes these sickening monkeys, take it or leave it. The emergence of the posthuman will be bound up with an egoic, territorial drive, see here

Federal and commercial investments in these areas are uncoordinated and are being outpaced by Chinese research and development efforts, which could result in a loss of U.S. dominance in human/machine enhancement technologies… A national effort to sustain U.S. dominance in cyborg technologies is in the best interests of the DOD and the nation.

That’s just how it’s going to go, we should accept it as natural for a larval species such as ours. “Need to kill them! Need to be better than them!” Eventually supersoldiers will normalize the technology and more refined elements of the civilian population can put it to different uses.

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