Dugin more than almost anyone alive today helps free me from the American perspective. If there were five others like him I’d make it one of my first priorities to read all of them – anyone suggest other Russians?

For instance, now I’m just looking at the current political moment as a version of “re-slavery”. Dugin is kind of like a Mars rover in this way, or, you can think of him as doing something similar with the Russians that I try to do with the Germans, he’s a living remnant of their old intelligentsia that has been lost, buried. So, moving from his premises (did you read those brief articles of his I referenced earlier?) we could look at our contemporary liberals who cheer on BLM as neo-imperialists who are striving to bestow upon black people, not freedom. Rather they are trying to imbue them with the identity of the White Liberal. We know cancel-culture is real, so let’s think beyond that one more degree- their aim is to form a black subject that is within the bounds of their accepted culture. In other words, they are trying to make them in their image. They’re controlling their subjectivity, once again, exactly as other whites have done throughout the previous few centuries which they so decry. They are not offering African-Americans a “drawing-board” on which they can create their own identity, they are rather pushing their own white, liberal identity on them. Let’s see what happens if that black female friend of mine decides to start speaking bluntly about race-realism, posthumanism, and cyborgs, (which, I’ve mentioned before, she understands better than most whites), ah what do you know, looks like she’s going to get “canceled” for not being a proper slave of the white liberal belief-system.

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