Thinking about those uncontacted tribes again

Onyx Lorenzoni, Bolsonaro’s chief of staff, praised the bill, claiming it was a “Lei Aurea” for indigenous people — a reference to the 1888 royal decree which freed the slaves in Brazil. From the government’s point of view, the legislation is freeing indigenous people

Here are five isolated tribes, you tell me if Lorenzoni is on to something here in considering primitives a form of “unenslaved slaves”.

What is 400 years of slavery next to 50,000 years of slavery?

Depends how far back you want to go, really

2.6 million years of slavery?

The sleight of hand in use today is blaming whites for 400 years of slavery and pretending that all those countless thousands of years before we found them in huts never happened. Why are blacks poorer, why are they dumber, why are their crime-rates higher, well obviously it’s because of those 400 years of slavery. Nothing to do with the millennia before that. Remember, it’s all whitie’s fault for why they are the way they are.

They range in their ability to modernize

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