The more Columbus is seen as the Satan of the New American Evangelism, the more I admire him, the more I wonder how I could be like him.

Looks like one of those ideas for inventions of Arthur C. Clarke has recently turned into a reality

From a story alternately titled “The Wind from the Sun

He smiled wryly, remembering all his attempts to explain solar sailing to those lecture audiences back on Earth… Unlike rocket fuel, it’s free and unlimited. If we want to, we can use it; we can build sails to catch the radiation blowing from the sun.” At that point, he would pull out a few square yards of sail material and toss it toward the audience.

There’s speculation that solar sails could be the solution to crossing the great distance to exoplanets within a lifetime

The old school sci-fi writers were theorizing about this decades ago

There’s a somewhat recent, more scientific / less theoretical book about this if you’re interested.

A “space yacht” named the Santa Maria, I can see it now…

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