Watching videos of those statues being pulled down through the lens of the blank-slate delusion is such a laugh. “My brain is growing from pulling this statue down.”

Likewise, “By saying ‘black lives matter’ I am correcting their poor impulse-control and high time-preference.”

No, they don’t even think like that, that would actually be an improvement. They think everything is about perception. If they’re perceived differently, that will change things for the better. For them, the problem is that people perceive them incorrectly. In other words, they’re perfect the way they are and it’s other people’s perceptions of them that are imperfect. So, it isn’t the inherent capabilities of their brains, their impulse-control, or time-preference, it’s the false perception that their brains are incapable of impulse-control and low time-preference. “If we repeat ‘black lives matter’ 12 million times they will stop being criminals” – this is their magical thinking. “If we cheer them on when they pull down a statue white people will stop seeing them as low-intelligence animals that can only live in the present” – they really think like this!

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