Pretty sure the concept of solar sailing counts as accelerationism

The ever-present, gentle push of sunlight will eventually accelerate our starships to speeds far above that achievable by chemical or electric rockets—or the solar wind.

I was looking for a funny image of a smiling retard to express how I feel sometimes when reading technical books like this

To understand how sunlight propels a solar sail, one must first understand at least a little bit about the interaction of light with matter.

And I found this instead

And for a moment, I understood the left. (I’m pretty sure understanding the left counts as accelerationism.)

I only had to scroll down to find a rational poster to either save or ruin the day, depending on your perspective

Just goes to show why women seem to be “natural socialists”, because even someone like me who’s a seasoned veteran of calling a slave a slave can have a moment of empathy. That’s just how they are 99% of the time, and no matter how right the above anon might be it doesn’t matter, nothing can dispel the fog of emotion. While a lot of them, like Jews most prominently, are leftists out of pure self-interest, you can think of this picture of Isabella and understand why the bleeding hearts use all their dirty tactics and deceits, it’s for people who are more precisely a cross between her and rational adults (no, they’re not literal retards, there’s just something distinctly retarded about them). I think, in the current political context, about how I see leftists, in one breath, advocate for thousands of people being around each other in protests, and the next breath browbeat people about social-distancing and mask-wearing because of COVID. This hypocrisy, this cognitive dissonance, has the ones like Isabella in mind, they’re at the base of their motivations that lead them to not be consistent whatsoever and practice Machiavellianism. That’s the ones with the decent hearts anyway, there’s also the slimy Jews who are motivated by a mix between looking out for number one and gleefully wanting to destroy their host nation. Yeah so understanding the left- read again the anon’s post below that picture and decide for yourself who’s right and whether your emotions are in control or your rationality is in control. By the way, I also somewhat understand now how light interacts with matter after struggling and feeling like a retard for a few minutes, feels good man. Apply the same idea to both sides of the political spectrum trying to understand the other.

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