A cynical take has occurred to me on the COVID/riots causation question. It threw the religion out of whack because for a few months there, this was the enemy

We were all united together as a country against this enemy. And that’s not what our religion is supposed to be about. We’re supposed to be united against the enemy that is the white male, represented by Trump, MAGA-hatters, and now police officers. This simply could not do. The photo-negative of BLM is “white people bad”, more precisely “white men bad” given that part of the state religion is based on feminism so white women naturally get a pass. This COVID enemy just would not do. We had to go back, back to the old enemy. Back to the old “good guys”, the real victims, the oppressed browns. No, the country itself couldn’t be the victim, the victim of COVID, we needed to return to old victims, they were getting antsy now that all the attention wasn’t on them anymore. How self-centered do you have to be to throw riots amidst a plague where people are dropping like flies? You think we don’t have enough shit to worry about? Just think about that. How the left just lets all of it slide, lets all the old people die essentially, so the wretched of the earth can be at the center of attention once again, a few months away from it was just too much, time to start sacrificing the elderly at the grievance-altar.

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