Seasteading isn’t enough of an escape. There are two factors, psychological and legal. Even if we’re thousands of miles away from any government east or west in the middle of the ocean we will still live in their psychic field, and that will have negative consequences for us. Second, laws of the seas won’t apply, it doesn’t matter what it says on paper- the left is defined by a state of exception. If they want to surround us some random day with their henchmen, they will. There’s no exit on this planet. Off-planet I don’t think they’ll bother us too much. In that regard our main worry would be bringing detritus of the old world with us accidentally, a vetting process involving a lie-detector test will solve that, might as well throw a truth-serum on there while we’re at it, to determine whether the traveler has noble intentions that are not still in some way tied to the earth.

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