If a prog wanted to move somewhere in the US, would the following chart be something of their concern I wonder? Would the statistics play a role in their decision-making process?

What would happen if there were “correlations” with racist implications? Would they proceed blindly then? Would they neglect the statistics and move, say, to St. Louis, the most dangerous city in the US? That’s right, it’s worse now even than Detroit. So, what’s stopping you, progs?

Are you racist or something? You don’t want to be a hypocrite now. So, go on, move there. Show that you really believe that black lives matter, go on, do it.

No, correlations don’t exist, it wouldn’t be racist of you to move to a nice white city in New England like Bernieville for instance.

So, where exactly should you live to prove that BLM?

How about a place with an African-American majority? What better way to prove you’re not all talk, huh bitch?

What, what’s stopping you?

In 2016, NeighborhoodScout released rankings indicating that East St. Louis had the highest murder rate of any city in the United States, a title it has since held every year.

What are you, all talk or something, bitch? What is it, tell me. You must be all talk. Go move to Niggerville and tell me BLM AHAHAH!

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