It was her, the discoverer, that led DARPA down that road

I knew it!!

Others, though, worry the risks are already apparent and that antidotes can’t come soon enough. For instance, some scientists have sought to prevent public discussion of specific CRISPR studies, or even delete mention of them from the internet, presumably to allow scientists more time to develop countermeasures. 

I totally don’t have the energy of Hitler, holding a pen and paper right ahahaha

There they are again, the Jasons

This type of article itself should have been deleted from the internet, amateurs.

This is the title

Logical next question from this

More than 40 anti-CRISPR proteins have already been found, many by Doudna’s lab.

is, do any anti-anti-CRISPR proteins exist? Let’s go underground scientists. Want people like Gates to have absolute control of this technology?

Tell me that this heading from Gates’ “Message to America’s Top Scientists” doesn’t make you feel a bit “uneasy”

“What, what’s wrong with that?” Are you new here or something?

it’s the kind of bold approach to designing therapeutic innovation with equity in mind that excites me… Disease is both a symptom and a cause of inequality, while public education is a driver of equality.

Apply these ideas to the “ideological centers of the brain” that they might know about and keep hidden from the public.

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